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Types of Goals Businesses Might Have for Content Marketing

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Although there are a large number of reasons why companies invest in content marketing, it tends to boil down to six major areas:

1. Conversions - In terms of attracting prospects and turning qualified leads into customers, content marketing can be a highly cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising.  

2. Branding - Many brands leverage content to accomplish softer goals such as building brand awareness, touting their team’s expertise, building thought leadership and engaging influencers.

3. Buyer’s Journey Support - As the bridge between branding and conversions, many marketers use content marketing to ensure critical touchpoints along the buyer’s journey are met.

4. Channel Support - It’s no secret that great content is at the heart of almost every major digital initiative. As such, measuring the effectiveness of content can often mean measuring the results of the channels it’s meant to support (e.g., paid, organic).

5. Sales Support - Many marketers develop content to support their sales teams. This typically means additional information about their organization (e.g., company video) or resources about their industry (e.g., stats about the rising popularity of their service), that the sales team might utilize to convert prospects to clients. 

6. Recruiting - Prospective employees are sometimes overlooked, but they are a critical audience for most businesses. Many businesses utilize content marketing to attract top talent by showcasing the benefits of working for their company. 

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