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There is no better way to do that listing your company in local directories in the USA , most of the directories are free, but do you have the time to do the right listing in each and everyone. 

Check the best practices when listing your business and adding the right data for validation in the search engines. 

When you list your company in different directories keep the same uniform information in all of them. 

Some business owners list their companies by the real name and the fictitious name , this can be  confusing when google is  validating your website. 

Here is a sample of wrong doing 

Lorena Party Rental www.lorenaparty.com 

Lorena Catering Service www.lorenaparty.com 

having to different company name your website will be not validated if listed differently in the directories. 

If you have a physical address for your business mean that all the directories want you, this mean a lot to bring users accurate information. 

You moved, you need to update new address and synchronize all your information in directories 

Make sure that you are in the right category so you can be found easier. 

Description should contains a honest description of what you do. Avoid using personal biography or displaying mission statements. 

10 local directories
  • Complete report for directories acceptance of your information
  • Synchronization of your company information 
  • Your information will show more frequently in search results across the internet  in local search 


We sincerely hope you find the right solution for your business needs 

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