TOP 10 Criteria for a business success online.

Over the years we had learn some essentials information about stablishing a business website to be productive and well organized. Here you will find the 10 guidelines that will help you to find success in 2019.

  1. Focus on branding your business website keep the same logo in all your formats, we recommend to used optimized web images.

Try different shapes for mobile optimization

    1. Used the same logos in all your social network pages
    2. Iconized your logo to have it in all browsers type.
  1. Determine no more than 5 main tabs.
    1. Use mega menus to expand sub menus accordantly
    2. Make sure you about tab is present in the menu
    3. Make sure all the SEO fields are properly fill per tab
    4. Do not make long sub menus
  2. Make each of the page a landing page. What is a landing page anyways, make an appealing entry to capture potential customers at first sight when they open your website.
    1. No more than 2 images in the front page. (so make sure they are describing what you offer instead of an ornamental picture)
    2. Count not more than 15 links from your entire front page.
    3. Short and concise form leading to a quick response.
    4. Do not impose subscription to newsletter in the first 3 paragraph , you can ask for in inside pages or very in the bottom (footer) .
    5. Repeat forms or make new ones accordantly to the content or category of the service, keeping short and brief.
    6. Always identify the way to customer help phone number or ticket system.
    7. Show a list or banner of you accredited brands or authorized dealer distribution
    8. Show banners or icons of your association or professional affiliation
  3. Security in your website should be in the top of your check list.
    1. Make sure your SSL is installed correctly and working on all browsers. (Should be able to display lock and certificate)
    2. Stablish two attends for your users and customers to access the administration or shop
    3. Write a personalized Privacy Policy for your business website.
Success website comes designed for it.

5. Legal statements about website and business.

    1. Specified the roles of the users and the terms of the navigation in your business website
    2. Stablish boundaries in the used of the published content on your website and the use of images of your own or used for description.
    3. Define a copyright stamen to protect your website and business from fraudulent use of your published information.
    4. Returns and warranty policies should be personalized to the nature of your business .

6. Site Map and organization of your information should be keep as neat as possible

      1. Google only reads and index trustful content SSL most be in-force in all folders and pages.
      2. Keywords and key phrases need to be synchronized with content
      3. Images and videos need to be properly tag and captioned
      4. Make sure there is no broken links in the entire website

7. Make Social media sharable blocks , so users can easily share content in social networks.

8. Used right or left pop-up Chat if is possible set hours of chat and set offline messages : interactivity in your website is always a plus and 80% of the users are willing to do business right away.

9. Social Network Feed, reviews of your business will bring more business and this is one of the most important displays in your website , who verifiable is giving you reviews ? Ask your customers to leave a review in Google, Facebook or Yelp and display on your website. This is the best business validation.

10. Directory Synchronization or inbound links validation, is one of the trustful sources to bring volume of visitors.     


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