Branding Your Company Online

In a recent post we talk about the guidelines to succeed with a website or marketing our business online , this is specifically what we said:

  1. Focus on branding your business website keep the same logo in all your formats, we recommend to used optimized web images.
  • Try different shapes for mobile optimization
  • Used the same logos in all your social network pages
  • Iconized your logo to have it in all browsers type.

Consider to do same logo different sizes for your web use, they all will spread accordantly  their sizes in the right place, social network accounts, maps and directories and in your website.

Keep uniform colors and patterns of your logo and company headline. Is also a trending to iconize your logo into two deep colors that you can do variation for season sales, patriots celebration or other marketing campaign.

Let us know if you have any question about branding your business online.

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