Facebook Advertise

3 Facts About Facebook Content ads

When designing a Facebook post you should consider this 3 fats . 

  1. It will be seen by people interested in your business. 
  2. It will be seen from a smartphone  98% 
  3. The attention will expire in 5 to 7 seconds only 

If you are thinking of an effective facebook campaign you need to think effectively to call action in less than 6 seconds. 

How does it work ?

  • Facebook is a powerful social network, considered also a search engine. 
  • Facebook also is a high-rank website, websites linked to this network are endorsed by the search engine algorithm. 
  • Facebook is a targeted advertisement system, featuring business pages. 

Posting in Facebook relevant information about your business can add  relevance to search engines . 

Also you can gain natural likes and engage with a targeted audience. 

Instagram can replicate Facebook posts, target younger generations, and is a preponderant social network as powerful as Facebook . 

mainly Photos and Videos is the predilected content to see and share . 

Our experience in optimizing business in Facebook lead us to do the following. 

  • Content creation of original content. 
  • Scheduling and posting content. 

Check the social network influence and validation graphic. the social network accounts for business influence target audiences and validates your business in general even if you don’t own a website. 

Search engines like Google and Bing learn about your business and validate the information from other websites that link to your profile, giving your business name a reputation online that is call ranking position in their search engines.  

Social Network Influence and Validation

Business Optimization Package

Typically this marketing event is integrated with your business website and other social networks. See Prices (Basic Plan $ 260) 

Our marketing services prepare a volume of work to validate your business in the market to reach a natural high rank in the search engines.